IHM Preparing

  Why work with Traction Marine for your IHM preparing? 

  • Flexible !  

        We are flexible to offer part of the IHM steps individually, or all of of the IHM steps together as package. 


There are many steps in IHM preparing, and we, Traction Marine, group these to 6 procedures:

1_ Collect and assess information to make out the VSCP, Visual/Sample Checking Plan 

2_ Onboard visual/sampling check

3_ Laboratory testing of samples

4_ Work out the IHM report and Part I of the inventory according to EU EMSA guidelines

5_ Handover the IHM report and IHM Part I to RO for IHM certificate. 

6_ IHM Part I Maintenance onboard in daily operation


  • Professional !

All of our IHM engineers are trained and approved by DNV-GL IHM academy and ABS academy. 

Onboard sampling.jpg

 Sampling of gasket


Sampling of Door insulation

IHM Maintenance


The ship-owner is responsible for the maintenance of IHM (Part I) during the entire life-time of the ship. The ship-owner shall nominate Designated Person to ensure permanent conformity with the HKC and EU SRR. 

To maintain the IHM (Part I) and document changes, as name, type, serial number, manufacturer or supplier, old and new location, entry and deletion date; dispersion, collection and file the  MDs/SDoCs for the new added materials and components on ships.

In case of conversion, repair or other modification and maintenance, all changes relevant for the IHM (Part I) has to be reflected in the existing IHM (Part I)

According to Guidance on SRR Inspections, When the IHM is not updated, the following actions can be taken by PSC:

  • Flag Administration consulted  

  • Master instructed to  

  • Warning issued  

  • Ship dismissed  

  • Ship excluded  

  • Rectified  

  • To be rectified at the time of the next survey

  • Penalty applied as per provisions pursuant to national legislation

Our IHM Maintenance solutions  

  • Traction Marine as the Designated Person (DP)

  • Traction Marine has a system in place complying to the IMO and EU regulations

  • Traction Marine Maintenance Team are experienced,  trained and qualified

  • Traction Marine will Review Purchase Order information for identification of equipment needing IHM doc.

  • Traction Marine will Follow-up and collect documentation from suppliers

  • Traction Marine provides Running revisions

  • Traction Marine provides Log for change on equipment added, changed or removed

  • Traction Marine provides Accessibility of IHM documentation on the entire fleet by internet

Benefit to shipowners 

  •  Traction Marine provide 24/7 support, in case PSC has questions to be answered by the DP

  •  Guaranteed Renewal of Class notation

  •  Traction Marine ensures Class Certificate/SoC can be renewed

IHM Knowledge:

The Inventory of Hazardous Materials, IHM, consists of:
  -> Part I: HM contained in ship structure or equipment and referred to in Annexes I and Annexes II of the SRR;
  -> Part II: Operationally generated wastes; and
  -> Part III: Stores.

The development and maintenance of the IHM is a key requirement of the Regulation. The development procedure of a new IHM may differ depending on whether the ship is a new or an existing one. 

The ship owner or the shipbuilder may draw upon assistance by an IHM expert. This is strongly recommended for safety and health protection reasons and in order to have a minimum assurance that the work is carried out by competent personnel, under a quality management system and in accordance with recommended guidance (i.e. the EMSA’s guidance document and the relevant IMO guidelines).

Part I of the Inventory for existing ships should be developed by the shipowner. Reference should be made to the relevant IMO guidelines which provide examples for the development process for Part I of the IHM for existing ships.


The process should include six steps:

A_ Collection of necessary information

B_ Assessment of collected information

C_ Preparation of visual/sampling check plan

D_ On board visual/sampling check

E_ Samples laboratory analysis and reporting

F_ Preparation of Part I of the Inventory and related documentation

Any questions regarding IHM please send email to us at axu@traction-marine.com

or leave message at Contact Us page. 

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