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Asbestos remove

If asbestos is detected on board onboard a vessel built after the 1st of July 2002, actions should be taken to have it removed. 

It is relatively easy to release asbestos fibres when working with asbestos
insulation, asbestos coatings etc.

In most cases, only those with a licence
should carry out work with these materials.

IHM initial building

EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SSR) was come into general application already on Dec 31, 2018. 

As required by EU SSR, all the ships visit EU area should be with IHM, Inventory of Hazardous Materials, onboard after Dec 31, 2020. 

IHM maintenance

Part I of the IHM shall be properly maintained and updated throughout the operational life of the ship. 

A ship may be warned, detained, dismissed or excluded from the ports or offshore terminals if IHM not updated proprely. 


Boiler Maintenance

Marine system for newbuilding

In ship new building market Traction Marie active as Marine system and some parts suppliers for many years. 

What we offering to our customers not only high quality system or equipment but also

smooth project management and qualified services.

Steering gear overhaul

Our excellent experience with

Steering gear and crane enable us to offer qualified

commissioning, maintenance and repair job for Steering gear

hydraulic parts,

as we understand

they are

important and sensitive.

Boiler service

Together with our partner, MacFitter,  we ensure that your boilers are in safe and efficient working condition.

A full-range services include repairs, maintenance, upgrades, spare parts and technology solutions for all kinds boiler available here.


ship in sea.png

Traction Marine built in Autumn of 2009, which had a cold winter afterwards till now,  for marine and shipbuilding industry.

Still, several partners who have more than 10 years experience in marine area , come along with same idea to focus on the development of marine service. In ship automation, machinery area they have proficient market and technical backgrounds, long time cooperation with many domestic and oversea owners, shipyards and designers, and supply comprehensive technical support and after sales service.

"More difficulties, More hard", every one of our staffs, with professional skill and sincere attitude, would like to supply qualified service to the customers domestic and worldwide.

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