Boiler & Incinerator

MacFitter, partner of Traction Marine for boiler repair, is a well known marine boiler company you can rely on to remove all your headaches over any type of boiler problems.(Certified by class LR / NK / DNV-GL etc).

Since been formed with many years experience,MacFitter had obtained sufficient expertise to ensure that your boilers are in safe and efficient working condition.MacFitter insists to give customers a straightforward and honest experience when they have a boiler problem.

Boiler tube & plate renewal

  • Boiler tubes renewal: (both carbon and alloy) plain tubes /Spiral tubes /various finned tubes, and performed tube unit etc. 

  • Boiler plates: plain,dish-ended tube plates , tube sheet plate/furnace plate/casing plate etc 


Boiler spares supply

  • Various type boiler tubes of difference material

  • Fabrication of boiler plate/headers/drums at workshop and delivery to ship

  • Safety v/vs,boiler mountings, soot blowers,refractory, insulations etc.

Heat exchangers

 We provides fabrication and retubing service for marine heat exchangers such as

  • Main Engine Air Cooler

  • HFO & LO Heater 

  • Atmospheric condenser etc


Tube & Plate renewal

Spare parts

Heater exchangers repair

Steering Overhaul

Our experience: 

By our experienced engineers, we offer following service for Steering gear made by Yoowon-Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi, Fluteck-Kawasaki, Kawasaki etc. 

-> Dock repair

-> Factory repair

-> Voyage repair

-> 24hrs available

-> Stock with comprehensive and genuine parts

-> Experienced engineers trained by maker

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Dock repair on-board

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Factory repair

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Newbuilding commissioning

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